E.A Stephenson



This site has been created so that I can showcase my work, all my work is fresh, exciting and original, if you are looking for something a little bit different from the norm, this is the site you want to keep in your favourites.

I am not putting any barriers on my work, and I am not targeting a limited section of people, I aim to reach a wider audience as possible with my scripts, I simply want to entertain the viewing audience as visually as possible. 

My work has been further developed and extended to include movie scripts, (hopefully one day for the big screen!), titles include, Ice, The time I almost died and Touriken and Ma Baker. The film scripts vary from action packed thrillers to fantasy and adventure. My work also includes drama scripts, titles include, suffering in silence, Shattered hearts, Finding a way and Smokin! with many more exciting titles in the pipeline.

My aim, just like many other writers, is for people to leave the cinema saying that was a great movie; I canít wait to see what happens next. I also want to write a lot more movies for children as I feel that there is not enough of them about and there should be, after all children like action packed thrillers and adventure movies just the same, so I aim to create more movies for the young as well as the not so young, after all we all like to be entertained in one way or another.  

My novel, entitled Shadows and Light, the trial begins, which is now finished and has been published with Pegasus, should appeal to many different people in many different ways.

I hope that you enjoy looking around this site, and I would appreciate any views, thoughts and comments about its contents, good or bad, they are most welcome.

Go on, Go and enjoy reading some of the brief extracts of my work, although this does not justify the product as a whole, but remember if you see something you like, then please get in touch.

Please remember to share this site with your family and friends.



Thank you.

E.A Stephenson