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Anthony Stephenson is really determined to get more people reading and spending time as a proper family, his journey through life has given him the passion to write about lot’s of different things like rape, burglary, car crime, knife crime gun crime and even murder. The majority of this is the real basis for his drama work and certain movie scripts, his work should do very well in the market place when given the chance.

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A lot of Anthony’s drama script work is as close to real life as can possibly be, without offending too many people, also his work is tasteful and carefully written, also his book Shadows & Light had received the top pre-publishing reviews from the New York literary agency and the Writer’s literary agency both of them giving him a ‘CR GOOD’, this is an achievement in itself for not many authors get such a top review. The book has now been published by Pegasus publishers.

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Also Anthony has successfully secured the help of one of the top literary agents in America, working with his agent and the team at probably the best literary agency in New York city, the New York literary agency who only work with the writers that they feel have great potential (in other words they only work with what they consider to be the best).


Anthony Stephenson has no interest in becoming a producer or director, he simply wants to entertain people through his writing. I won't wish him luck because he doesn't need it, his talent as a writer will speak for itself and success will naturally follow.

Well done Anthony!

Max Fielding B.S.C

Oxford University:

What the critiques thought!

New York:

This manuscript is one of the most accomplished works I’ve ever seen in my entire career as an editor. Not only is the idea a good one, the execution is commensurate with the effort and I’m convinced that you can turn this into a marketable book. It has all of the necessary elements.

Good characterization: interesting (and-well described) settings and action: authentic-sounding dialog: If it wants for a nail, I’d say that nail is a few good illustrations, the prose want for nothing.

I’d wish you good luck but you don’t need it.

The Writers Literary Agency

This is one of the finest manuscripts that I have ever seen in all my years as a critique:

I won’t wish you luck because you do not need it.

Hill Mallory Senior agent at the New York literary agency:

You have been given a ‘CR-GOOD’, this is the highest award a writer can get from us and other Agents.

Well done Anthony!

Authors comment:

There is really no such thing as impossibility; it simply means that the idea has not been thought of yet. Any person who has achieved any kind of celebrity statues regardless of who they are and what field of work they are in, each and every one of them had to start by someone saying to them we like what we see in your talent, you may be a little rough around the edges but we still like what we see, after all everybody has to start somewhere and I am no different.