E.A Stephenson

Drama Scripts

Lonely Echo’s of Silence
(Drama, finished)

After recently noticing her husbands seemingly absent mindedness, Sangeeta slowly but surely begins to realise that the problem is far worse than she first realised.
One day whilst Americk is playing cricket he has a stroke, luckily there are two guys who were also playing cricket there to help save his life. An ambulance is called and he is then rushed to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, his wife is obviously terribly upset and she is told her husband has the early signs of dementia but she is told by the specialist that with the right treatment, her husband can still have a seemingly reasonable quality of life. And has she finds out two of the cricketers who helped save her husbands life, have advanced stages of dementia which took her and the rest of the team by surprise.

Dementia along side other illnesses are never discussed in the Asian community, after all people should remember dementia is a word it doesn’t careless of skin colour.


 Suffering in Silence
(Drama, future project)

Sam is a very bright teenager, she is very pleasant and always does her best at school, she has never told her family about her problems at school, she felt that it would be too much of a burden on them. Her parents are easy people to talk to, but she just cried alone in her room at night and just kept things to herself and writes in her diary.

Her father owns a small but very lucrative trucking company which he started from nothing, her mother is a lecturer at a local college, but one day her mother fell ill at work and complained of violent headaches, she was quickly rushed into hospital. They found out that she had a malignant astrocytoma on her brain and would need surgery, her chances of survival were fifty-fifty. 
This was the last thing that this already stressed teenager needed, now she feels more alone than ever, and her stress levels are at breaking point, with all that was going on around her she didn’t feel that this was the right time to tell her family about her being bullied at school, but she was wrong.

She knows deep down that she needs to do something about it and soon, before things get any worse but right now all that is pushed to one side, all she is thinking about at the moment is her mum.

This is a story of some of the things that some young people have to suffer whilst they are at school, and it should send out a positive message to the young people of today, we first have to deal with the problem of bullying before we can stop it altogether.

Don’t put up with bullying, stamp it out, right out.


Shattered Hearts
(Drama, future project)

The story of a teenage school boy who loves street racing in stolen cars, he doesn’t steal big cars only small ones, like mini’s, Renault clio’s, Vauxhall nova’s, cars like that. Where he lives he is known as the king of the streets, in all the year’s that he has been stealing and racing cars he has never lost a race or been caught by the police. Although he has been chased by the police too many times to remember they still have never caught him.

There is a local park where groups of teenage girls and boys gather, they drink, smoke and do things that they are not supposed to do, they race stolen cars around the park, then when the engine is no longer any good they set fire to the car, then watch as the fire brigade come and put it out.

The firemen are there at least three or four times a week, as car after car is raced into the ground and then set alight. The firemen are taunted and pelted with stones and bottles as they try to put out yet another car that was set alight.

But Ian’s parents have no idea that their teenage son is stealing and racing cars, even as they watch the local news they still have no idea that the person that they are talking about is their own son. One night after going to a friend’s party, Ian, his girlfriend and two other teenagers decide to steal another car, drunk and as high as can be on acid and cannabis, they are once again chased by the police, but this time they are dealing with teenagers’ who can barely stand up, that’s how wasted they are.

After being chased for about three miles the car that the teenagers are in mounts a curb after a mistake by Ian, being high and drunk behind the wheel of a speeding car his reaction wasn’t any good, they hit a tree at high speed, one of the girls is thrown through the windscreen, the others are trapped bleeding in the car.


Finding a way
(Drama, in preparation)

A story of a single mother who goes out one night with her friend and meets a rather nice man, after dating for around six months she asks him to move in with her. But her teenage daughter doesn’t like him and starts behaving rather oddly towards him.
Her mother tries all manner of different things to try and get her to like her new boyfriend, but whatever she tries only seems to make things worse. Her daughter doesn’t like being left alone in the house with him and her mother never bothered to really find out why that was.

After her daughter confesses to her mother’s best friend as to what has been happening to her, the mother and her best friend end up having a fight, the mother refuses to believe that her new boyfriend is abusing her daughter. Even though when she thought about it when it all came to a head, the signs were obvious. Because she worked until eight o’clock at night, her new boyfriend had time to do what he wished with her daughter.

After finally putting all of the strange coincidences together, she finally realises that her best friend and her daughter were telling the truth all along, and that her new boyfriend was a bigger monster than either of them thought possible, after the boyfriend tried to hurt the daughter and the mother.

The best friend hits him with an iron and sends him crashing through an upstairs bedroom window to the floor below breaking his neck, but not killing him, his injuries are life threatening, the daughter has ran away who knows if she will ever forgive her mother and ever come back. They find out some pretty horrible things from the police and that this wasn’t the first time that he had done this type of thing, but they get the feeling that he will not do it again.

Abuse of any kind is never easy for anyone whoever they are, but we as people can help to do something about it, and put a stop to it.


(Drama, future project)

The Story of a happily married man, whose life is in turmoil after his wife goes missing one day. After thinking the worst he decides to call the police, and they obviously think that he has murdered her.

He then has to tell his two young children about what has happened to their mother, they are understandably upset. The police do their normal murder investigation, but can’t find anthing to say that he has done anything to his wife. They must now try other lines of enquiry.

After about three months the rest of the family as well as himself have to except the fact, that whatever has happened to her, she is never coming back, and that she might be lying dead somewhere, or kidnapped, or she may have just simply gone away and doesn’t want to be found, either way they all have to find the strength to cope without her. 


Other Drama Titles Include:

After years of looking after other peoples children, a happily married couple longed for a child of their own, the wife begins to get more depressed and desperate. Her husband becomes less attentive and less helpful.
One day whilst visiting in hospital, a thought came over her, she then leaves the hospital with a new born baby. After a few days the husband begins questioning his wife to why she has had the baby for so long. A few more days pass by when, whilst watching TV, a news clip comes on asking for any information to the whereabouts of a baby taken from hospital four days ago. The husband looks at his wife, he sees the sadness and guilt in her eyes, she looks at him as he stands up, without a word, she stands up and stares into his eyes and then says I’m going in the shower. Whilst in the bathroom she hears her husband on the phone to the police, she opens the cabinet and begins swallowing pills after pills.
Her husband discovers her limp body just as the police enter the house, they deliver first aid whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Once she begins to recover, the doctors talk to her about her actions and her condition and that she was pregnant with twins.
The Player
Tells a story of a group of professional footballers and the difficulties they face with fast cars, fast women and plenty of cash. (Such a hard life).
Drugs, guns, gangs and violence in modern day society. The pitfalls of trying to leave that lifestyle.
Madly in love, unhappy and slightly over weight due to comfort eating because her boyfriend makes her life a misery. One day decides to join a gym, after a little cohesion from the male assistant, begins her long battle to loose weight and tone up.
Her confidence builds and her remarkably life changing adventure begins.
A story about a group of girls who regularly go out on a weekend, but one weekend they decide to all take an ecstasy pill, one girl bottles it at the last minute, which was the right idea has each of the girls fall down one after the other.
A young girl gets taken by some people who brutally rapes and kills her.
We look at the investigation and explore the after effects of dealing with this type of crime and how the parents blame themselves and think that they should have done more with their child, and that their daughter was quiet alone in the world. They wished that they had involved themselves more in their daughters life, done stuff like, take her to the cinemas or paid
more attention to what her school day consisted of.
With deep regret and sorrow.