E.A Stephenson


The Time I Almost Died:  (Action thriller)


Mathew Hemmings and his brother Nathan are both veteran LAPD detectives who race cars when theyre off the clock. Mathew, the laid-back optimistic brother, uses his street-racing contacts not only as informants but also to help him transform his beat-up old Italian sports car into a winner that inspires kids to stay on the right side of the law. Nathan, the bone-breaking martial arts brother with the German sports car, sees criminals as vermin and his city as a steaming cesspool.   


Its hard to prove Nathan wrong, when five years into a mob truce, the Italian Mafia attempts to re-assert its dominance by chasing a triad member through a shopping mall, fearing for his life, he heads to the roof, with nowhere else to run he tries his best to fight them off, he is badly beaten and shot before being hurled from the building, plunging through the glass roof of a busy restaurant below where hes impaled on an ice sculpture.


After a spate of killings, the triads begin to investigate who is behind breaking the truce, they have their suspicions, but need proof before their boss will take action. The triads greatest strength is their patients and will only strike when the time is right, but when they do they are ruthless. The remaining triad members pick their moment to strike back in what soon becomes a long, bloody war revolving around an immense shipment of drugs and a missing lottery ticket. 


After secretly being filmed making love to a woman, one of the mafia bosses, Tony Vanducci, smells some sweet food cooking, they come downstairs to a wonderfully prepared meal waiting for them with an expensive bottle of champagne on ice. They sit down and begin to eat the food when the TV automatically comes on, they watch as the chief is preparing the food, in horror he sees the meat used is one of his guard dogs. The woman screams hysterically and Tony begins to heave, he goes towards the telly and tries ripping it off the wall, whilst doing so, he sees that someone was recording them whilst in the bedroom making love, he realises how easily he could have been killed, sparks fly as the TV finally gets ripped out and hurled across the room.


The triads, Ling and Ziy have captured a few mafia members and as always they use torturing technics to gain relevant information, one man is tied to a table, he is swearing and cursing at them, he tells them in no certain words where to go and that hes not telling them nothing. Ling tells the man thats what your friend said and points to a man next to him that has had all his limbs amputated and laid next to him, he looks over and sees a samurai sword swoop down onto his friend, he looks away and curses some more, he still refuses to talk. Ling points to another man who has had his tongue cut out for cursing their boss, the man watches as his friend is passed through a sword, before the sword is half way through he is telling them what they want to know.

Nathan has no time for polite police work, criminals on the street arent polite, so the way he sees it, he cant let his guard slip not even for a minute. We see Nathan at his worst, the day Matthew takes a bullet. Nathan reflexively takes revenge by breaking the assailants bones, using unique martial art moves, before handcuffing him to a rail. He is faced with a decision to take him in or to turn a blind eye. But as Matthew continues to fight for his life, Nathan cradles him in his arms, for the first time questioning himself and his assumptions about the world, fearing he has not been what an officer of the law should be.




Ice:   (Action Thriller)


The story of five friends who are desperately looking for a way to get out of Compton, they feel that if they dont they will all end up as just another dead statistic. Their friend Mark Western is studying very hard at college and his friends think that out of all of them he is the one that can really make something of his life.


One day after another blazing row with his relative and a bad day at college, he returns home to a run down trailer park where he finds his burnt out home with his drunken relative inside it, the firemen were just putting out the last of the flames as he got there.


As he walks around the burnt out remains of the trailer, he comes across an old tin, slightly damaged by the fire. Which contained a map, a letter and a few other bits and pieces, unknowing to Mark this was a map that would lead to untold riches, and with the right team could pull off one of the worlds biggest jobs, and see Mark and his friends set for life.




Tuscurian, Warrior of Virtue:  (Action adventure, working progress)


When the Gods found out that the goddess Athena had cheated to win a game against her Husband, Kronos, many years ago, they decided that they would need to play again, and the free spirits would see that there would be no cheating this time around.


Who ever lost would have to wear the chain of woe for a thousand years, which was already Kronoss punishment, so you can imagine his fury when he discovers that Athena had been cheating, Athena had angered Zeus himself she was in no position to bargain.


But the other gods had changed the rules and told them that a modern day warrior had to be chosen, with the free spirits watching their every move Athena knew that this time she had no choice but to play the game fair and square.


With the unsuspecting modern day warrior chosen the game can begin. The man chosen was a video games designer, but had not come up with anything new in a long while, much to the annoyance of his boss. The game that he is currently working on is called Touriken, warrior of virtue, after a freak storm sends a massive power surge through the whole building he is scanned into the computer he is using and into the land of the gods, now his journey has begun.


He has to free the land of an evil spell to get back home, if he fails he will be trapped in the land forever, or until the evil has been destroyed. He will have to use his martial arts skills to its fullest extent if he is going to survive.




Ma Baker:  (Action thriller, future project)


The story of a farmers wife from Chicago, who, after suffering years of physical and mental abuse from her alcoholic husband, she and her four sons decided to not let themselves be treated badly by anybody ever again.


Mary had taught her boys to shoot as they were growing up, and they were good, really good, before embarking on their new lives they first take care of the old man. First of all, they tie him to a bed spread eagled, he was drunk the night before and knew nothing until the morning when he felt a watery substance being poured all over him.


He awoke quickly to find two of his sons pouring gasoline all over him and the bed, making a gasoline trail to their mother. After setting the room and the rest of the house on fire they are off and begin a wave of crime never before seen across the U.S.A by a family, they were ruthless as they killed and robbed without regret. They feared no one and killed anybody that got in their way.


After a while Mary met a man, but when he informed on them to the F.B.I they put him into the trunk of a car and pushed the car off a cliff, Ma Baker quickly became the F.B.Is most wanted woman, her picture hung on every post office wall across the U.S.A.

One of her sons was tragically killed in a shoot out at a jewellery store robbery, the Bakers did nothing for almost six months after this happened, then coming back even more ruthless than they were before, they were feared by every financial business in America, but little did the Bakers know as they planned their last job that the F.B.I were closing in on them, and that a shoot out between them and the F.B.I was inevitable.


The Bakers had no intentions of going to jail, or being sentenced to death, there can be only one outcome.




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